speco dvr opinion?

I found this DVR, the price seems good:

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I'm not real impressed by the 352x240 window in 120 pps (4 x 30 frames per second?) mode but the price fits the budget. Is this viable equipment?

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Speco Makes good equipment I have used it for low end to middle market.systems

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nick markowitz

I've used Speco in the past with satisfactory results. It's not the very best but it works.

HOWEVER ..... Take a look at their latest HD (high definition) offerings. I've seen demos and the picture is amazing. AND ..... you can use coax cable. Great for the installer who's already got coax installed from a previous analog system. You can magnifiy the pic similar to an IP camera also. Picture gets blurrier as you magnify but .... it's still pretty damn good compared to straight analog. However you do need both HD compatable ... DVR's and Cameras.

When ever I do a CCTV installation, I'm always concerned that the end user isn't going to like the picture quality, even though he's determined what he's getting by the price he wants to pay. The end users always have greater expectations than the equipment they can afford. I don't think that's ever going to happen again, considering what I see with the new HD equipment. Picture it REALLY something.

I intend to quote it on the next estimate I do.

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