4-camera DVR?

We've been evaluating different DVRs for smaller jobs looking for very cost-effective solutions. Would like to find a reliable DVR in the $7-800 range that offers remote view and can capture video efficiently.

We're looking at a Honeywell but have found some bugs (no date stamp) they're working on. Have had some problems with Speco units and have struggled with their tech support. Getting a GE/Kalatel soon, is anyone currently using it? Unfortunately, it sounds like it uses different software for the larger units - we're trying to stabilize our product line so our technicians can really build up an expertise/comfort level... but, as you know, it's an on-going struggle.

Thanks for any feedback!

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I have had good results with Tempest for low end type 4 cam unit.

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Mike Sokoly

I have been using the tempest as well and am pleased with it.

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T. Lee

Nubix makes a good unit with great prices.

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