Sensor to Turn Off Lamp

Hi All,

I'm looking for a wireless device that will automatically turn OFF a table lamp (or other item) plugged into a standard 120V wall outlet when a remote sensor is activated. For example, a person walks into a room and is detected by a wireless door switch, a motion detector, or other sensor. This sends a signal to a receiver module that causes the lamp to turn off.

The ideal setup for my purpose would be to have a portable motion detector that would deactivate or switch off a module plugged into the wall outlet. This would allow more flexibility in locating the motion detector and the receiving module. I checked Radio Shack website but couldn't find anything. I'd like to keep it simple and not do any hard wiring. Any suggestions?

Thanx, Key Bored

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Key Bored
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Do a search on X10 and/or power line carrier or PLC Check out

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