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Not sure what I need. I want to be able to turn on the garage lights with a remote from the car. I also want a motion sensor hooked up. After 5 minutes of no activity, I want the motion sensor to shut off the garage lights. Thus the motion sensor would be used more for turning the lights off rather than on.

My thoughts are my wife hits the button from the car and the garage lights turn on. She then downloads the groceries or whatever else. As soon as five minutes go by with no activity in the garage, the lights automatically shut off.

I am thinking about doing the same thing in some spare bedrooms and guest baths. Is this possible? What do I need to purchase? Any advice is appreciated and please provide a link if known.

Thanks Pat

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X10 "palmpad" R.F. remote (I don't like any of the other X10 remotes I've tried, they are not reliable for me, but the 5-in-1 learning remote seems to work well).

X10 "transceiver" e.g. TM-751 to receive the R.F. and send it on powerline.

X10 motion sensor (hawkeye, eagle-eye or active-eye, the more expensive operate a bit more flexibly) also generates R.F.

X10 lightswitch to replace the in-wall switch currently controlling the garage lights receives powerline signals and also allows local control. Or else an X10 "lamp" or "appliance" module to plug-in to an outlet and control a plug-in light.

It will do both...

Too many X10 motion sensors can be trouble (the R.F. and powerline signals can interfere with each other). The number depends on how much motion they see, which depends on how many people in the house and on the location of the sensors as compared to normal traffic paths.

Watch for deals on X10.com (might sign up for their e-mail list). For example, recently they had a "driveway detector" kit which included the motion sensor and transceiver and a chime for about the normal price of the motion sensor alone. You can often get 3 or 4 remotes or motion sensors or other modules for the price of 1. Sometimes even 6 for 1...


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