Replacing GEM-RP1CAe2 keypad

I have two GEM-RP1CAe2 keypads. The one I have at the door we use to arm the system is not working properly anymore. The buttons are hard to press. I know I can change the code but would rather not do that.

Can I just buy a new key pad and put it in? If not what do I need to do to swap the keypad out.

I have the master code to get into my panel if I need to do that but not sure how to proceed.

Thanks for your help Steven

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If you have two keypads they will each have their own keypad address. Keypad 1 and keypad 2. You may also have some zones installed on their onboard 4 zone expansion module, like maybe the adjacent door. If so they keypad will have an EZM address programmed into it. It may also have a keypad compatibility address programmed into it.

You can just unplug the keypad and plug in a new one, but you will need to make sure all those settings are the same first.

Here is a dirty trick you can use to check/program an RP1CAe2 heypad. Power it up off a 12volt power supply. Just hook the red harness wire to positive, and the black one to negative. When it is powered up, but not gettign data from teh control panel it will read out of system and display its keypad address.

Press 11123 function and it goes into keypad configuration mode.

The function button will advance through the various config options. Use the keypad to enter new configuration. Use the on/off button to store newly entered data. Before exiting scroll through all your options to make sure you stored them correctly.

When done press reset.

I have been told there is some funky stuff with the compatibility number, but I never use it so I don't know.

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