GEM-RECV8 Programing Question

OK I am having trouble understanding how to program in to my GEM-P1632 system. I am using a GEM-RP1CAe2 key pad to program it.

In the instructions to get it up and running it says for each transmitter enter

the zone number to which the transmitter will be mapped ? I only have 8 zones

wired so I am thinking it would be zone 1

the 6-digit ID Code: 1-digit checksum number printed on the transmitter and

box??? I do not understand this one I do see 6 numbers on a strip, but the checksum number I do not know where to look. I have checked the box and transmitter.

the wireless point number ??? would this be 9 since 1 thru 8 is used in zoning.

the KF entry screen looks like this in the display


01-0 000000:0 00

One thing I was able to automaticly enroll my two wireless devices a glass break and PIRPET. I do not know how do I describe the zones so I can turn off the PIR when at home programing.

any help on this would be great

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Knight Houston
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Worse comes to worse you can give me a call and I can program it all for you remotely.

Then you can just go in and change your dealer code and lock me out.

I usually program them all either from the office or with my laptop.

Have to plan for a time of course since I'm almsot always in the field. (928) 782-9765

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Bob La Londe

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