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I am not a big residential guy but I do remember making that foam stuff in College Chemistry class. At the final stage it was two liquid ingredients mixed together and from their reaction the foam began to overfill the beaker. I remember there was a solvent like acetone that instantly took the foam back to the liquid form. (Like gasoline on styrofoam). Perhaps making up a test mule of some sort to see if a spray of acetone (or similar solvent) in the hole would dissolve the foam so you could access the hole and the wires, and have enough displacement to push the contact in place. And of course not ruin the wire PVC jacket, the paint etc. Just a thought.

> Why the f*ck would you urethane foam insulate all my door contact wires > into > the header? > > Oh, it's good insulation. > > I f****ng know that, your f****ng moron. But, now you left me 3 inches of > my > wire stubbed out through a 3/8" hole (nice) but I can't push them up, or > pull them down. > > Took me 4 hours to install 9 stupid contacts. > > dickwadidiots > > > >
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Roland Moore
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enough displacement to push

Unfortunately, acetone will dissolve the PVC insulation. That's what you use to dissolve the material when bonding plastic conduit.

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Robert L Bass

Good thinking but if the foam is only soluble in acetone,the wiring isolation would also become liquid or very sticky with the acetone spray.. and it would be wise to stop any drop on the way to the floor.. I don't think the house owner would love to see some strange spots on his brand new floor...

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