Re: My days of youth are over

Replace your penis with a security alarm.

I found this little poem in a stack of old papers. I don't know the >author. > > > "My days of youth are over > My spark of life is out > What used to be my sex appeal > Is now my water spout > > Time was, when of its own accord > T'would from my trousers spring > But now it takes a full time job > To find the bloody thing > > It used to be quite embarrassing > The way it would behave > For early every morning > It stood and watched me shave > But now I sit and sigh and moan > It sure gives me the blues > To see it hang its withered head > And watch me clean my shoes."
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Lookout! He's out again!

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Allan Waghalter

When will you redeem yourself and answer my security questions instead of wasting bandwidth.

Who is the idiot in texas who gave you a license for PI services ?

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