Napco panel zones and keypad expanders

I have a Napco P3200, capable of 32 max zones wired/harwired. If I program a keypad 4-zone expander, and use one of the zones on that keypad, am I now screwed out of the other 3 zones if they go unused? In other words, do I now have 28 zones available at the panel and 4 available at the keypad, making 32 in total? If the keypad occupies zones 29-32, I MUST use the zones AT THE KEYPAD or not at all?

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Total nerd
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Yep. It doesn't look like Napco makes a single zone expander (unfortunately). You have a total of 32 hard wired zones available through either EZM8 modules (8 zone expanders), the 8 zones already on the panel, and the keypad zone expanders. You don't have an option of using one zone from one four zone keypad expander and another from a second four zone (or EZM8). They system will automatically assign the zone numbers on the expanders when you enter the device addresses.

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Frank Olson

Yep. You got it.

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