non-stop recording is possible?

I need to put a 24 hour surveilance camera in my store. I'd like to see everyone coming in and out of the back entrance. Our store runs 24 hours a day. I don't need multiple camera, just one. It has to provide clear picture, black and white is fine. Most importantly, it has to be running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Any recommendation? I don't need a super gizmo, just a simple reliable one that doesn't break down and low cost. I rather not use VHS recorder.

Does anyone know how much I could record in a 80 gig hard drive in standard TV resolution? Does it matter if it's black & white or color?

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Might want to call these folks and ask...

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Also may want to get additional cameras even though you are actually using only one. Maybe those "dome" cameras. Don't tell anyone that only one camera is connected.

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An alternative is to try RedHand's VisionIP software with a networked IR camera. This overcomes poor quality, network bandwidth and disk usage problems by taking 2 high quality jpg images per second and only when there is movement. On this basis, disk usage is a factor of how much movement there is. If you have just one camera I would have thought you could retain the pictures for at least 3 months on 80G (it automatically deletes the old pictures).

- Jerry

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Jerry Spence1

Two areas to cover here,

1-Camera 2-Recorder

You will find a 4 channel budget DVR just as inexpensive as a single channel DVR. It would actually be best to get a 4 channel or 8 channel DVR one time, for future upgrades.

First decide if you are interested in a Stand Alone Embedded uNit, or a PC DVR System. How computer savvy are you?

PC DVRs vs Stand ALone DVRs:

PC = Faster Recording Speeds - once it is not a budget 4 channel DVR Card PC = Higher Quality Evidence Sharing Video PC = Easily Upgradable

Stand Alone = Rock Solid Stable Machine - most of them, but check the make Stand Alone = Higher Quality Local Video

B/W Camera will take up less recording space, giving you more recording time.

Standard TV Resolution, I would say that is 320x240 which is the low recording quality on DVRs, where as 720x480 is high quality recording. Continuous Record (not motion detection) will differ with which DVR you use, how many cameras are connected, and what resolution the video is recorded at.

for more info check out

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I'll see you there :-)

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