Oh yeah, one thing I forgot since business discussions with you are a

> complete waste of time. You are so fixed on the conventional way of doing > things that you really can't see how anyone else can run a sound business > who doesn't adhere to the industry standard ways ! > Discussions with you have become pointless; have a nice life...."plonk"

Oh yeah, one thing *I* forgot .......... I really have no interest in discussing how you run your business, until you start your incessant expounding on how anyone who uses long term contracts is scamming the public ..... routine. Even though your business plan is stupid as far as the rest of the industry is concerned, you're absolutely free to do as you please and no one really cares. BUT ..... As soon as you feel you have to jam it down anyones throat at the slightest hint of an opening,

you're going to get it jammed right back up where it originated.

Oh yeah one more thing. Guess you got to read this anyway ......... Eh?

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