City of Pittsburgh going 3rd party inspect on fire

Found out today that city of pittsburgh with all its budget cuts eliminated its fire prevention inspectors most who were ready to retire and turned fire inspection over to building inspection bureau who has no one at present certified under ICC to due inspections for fire alarms,hoods sprinklers etc. and we now have to use 3rd party service. and there are very few 3rd party service available. what a mess. I can not bielive they did this knowing how much revenue they brought in with inspections let alone give up the control on how systems are installed. hopefully it will all be ironed out in a couple of months but till then who knows.

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Nick Markowitz
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Gee Nick, sounds like there is a good job opportunity available there.

My suggestion is Go for it.

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I'm a little confused. The only fire inspector certification program I know of is NFPA's. But I assume the building inspection bureau is qualified, technically, just because they're a government agency and can do what they want. What kind of certification are you talking about?

I'm also curious about who certifies those third parties to inspect fire alarms and other stuff. I don't think there's a UL listing classification for independent fire inspector service, is there?

- badenov

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Nomen Nescio

Pa. now follows the ICC International code and ICC now certifies all code enforcement inspectors including fire. If you are a fire marshal conducting a fire investigation you have to now be certified thru ICC to file charges or the case can be thrown out if your not certified. Too many code agencies and towns and installing companys are finding out the hard way about our new Uniform construction code which follows ICC

I have been concidering taking the ICC clases and doing 3rd party for small municipalitys but would never do it for a city too much politics.

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