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I recently recieved a letter from my ISP in South Dakota (I am a DSL user). They stated that due to recent changes in federal policy they would have to come and install an update to my computer by May 12,

2007. If not done by that date, my internet would no longer work.

Can anyone offer any more information on what this update is? Their letter sounds a little suspect - so I am a bit leery. What regulations were changed?


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I just contacted the support desk of the ISP, the letter I got from them in the mail is legitimate. As it turns out, the tech replied as follows:

Dear User:

The update that needs to be performed is part of a Federal Government compliance that requires everyone to be on a username and password based Internet also known as (PPPoE). Basically, if you are performing illegal activities via the Internet and James Valley Telecommunications was to get subpoena by the government we would have an easier way of tracking you. If this update is not performed, your Internet service will be impaired.

Thank You.

Jason xxxx Internet Tech Department Northern Valley Communications

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That is bullshit. DSL providers are switching away from PPPoE, opting instead for a MAC address authentication with DHCP.

Tell them you work during the day - but you are available Sundays between 6-7AM. Also, ask them to cite the USC code they are referring to, they won't be able to.

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Ya reckon, Graham the k0oK? Look up CALEA 1994.

That is bullshit.

That is bullshit.

Sucks to be you, hey, Graham.

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