DSC 832 on Cable VoIP

I am currenttly doing an ADT takeover of a DSC 832 Version 2.0 panel that is on Rogers Cable home phone service and the panel is exhibiting the following. Programmed in SIA format, the panel will seize the line and send ONLY the manual test signal (*6, master code, 4) but will NOT send either keypad panics or alarms. I spoke to DSC tech support, and their suggestion was to reprogram in the older 4 / 2 format and see if it works. I checked the line voltage and it seems OK, and changed the jack and plug just in case...

I'd rather stay with SIA or Contact ID, but I have no idea why the panel is exhibiting this weird selectivity in sending signals. I spoke to other dealers of my acquaintance, and apparently they have been to various factory seminars where they have been told to stay away from everything except a conventional phone line from the telco. Several have had these weird experiences as well.

If this is true, and panels will over time stop sending signals properly on cable, this has serious implications in our area, since there are whole housing developments ONLY served by the local cable company. To date I have never had problems along this line, since cable strictly speaking is VoIP, but never leaves the dedicated facilities of the cable company (and always seems to work as well as a bell line other than the need for AC backup)

Anyone have any experiences along this line and a solution ? I'm going back this week coming and I will likely change the board out and see if the new one works any better. Presumably, it was working OK when ADT were monitoring it, but suddenly it decides all on its own to be selective about which signals it will send.

Weird !!!!

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