DSC 5020: One for the books

DSC 5020, new in the box, installed today. Showed battery trouble, well the battery has been on the shelf for about a month, so I figure it will charge up in about an hour So, I go on about my business. Still have the battery trouble an hour and a half later, so I check the battery voltage: 12.6. Tried another battery, and the lead sparks to the battery terminal when I connect it. Hmmm...check the output voltage on the battery leads from the panel: MINUS 13.8. The battery leads have reverse polarity. Look at the board: the f**king leads are reversed on the board. Compared it to another known good 5020, yup. The leads are reversed. What the hell? Anyone from DSC reading this??

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So someone tried to let the factory smoke out of the 5020 board? I always keep a couple of full cans of factory smoke so I can put it back after it leaks out. But there is a better way. I have had this type of problem before. It usually has something to do with the counter guys. Many times I would return something bad out of box only to have the exact same unit sold to us again later on. So I found out that when a bad out of box unit gets returned most of the time the counter guys wait a day or two and put it back on the shelf rather than send it back to the factory for repair. So for protection when we return a unit we place a pen mark on the board where only we would notice. When that bad Lassie tries to come home again we just tell the counter boys they have been caught with their pants down. I suspect this might have been a unit that was worked over by someone in the distribution end rather than a factory screw up. A red wire and a black wire, along with AC and DC usually only seem the same when you work at the parts counter.

Get a PC1864 replacement. It works the same but has more power.

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Roland Moore

Probably not. You and your pals drove most of the manufacturers reps away from ASA years ago.

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