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I appreciate the group's existence. I have read a lot of the posts and I think I will learn a lot by just being able to read and exchange postings. I do have a couple of questions.

How do I get the new post screen to be full width so that I don't to hit a end-of-line Return key in order to keep the text in the viewable area of the screen? I have not had to do that since I last operated a KSR-33 Teletype Terminal in the 70's.

Is there any way the forum owner can change the lay out at the bottom of the new post screen? I took a long time to write and then edit a previous version of this message and then, while trying to "tab-over" as an indentation, I accidentally skipped to the "Post Message" button and whoops!, it was gone. Maybe, if you can put at least one intermediary box in between the last text in a new post and the "Post Message" box, dolts like me would not post an incomplete posting and not be able to find it to edit it.

I am about to have a home alarm system installed by a pro dealer. They will be installing a DSC QP6-1-433 Kit. To make a long story (my original post was more detailed and much longer) short, can anyone tell me:

  1. What is in the kit, ie., exactly which components?
  2. Is this kit an older product? I can't find it anywhere on the DSC site or in any DSC literature.
  3. Do I need to try to get my dealer to change to another DSC kit?

Opinions are great, but I would really appreciate feedback from those who are very familiar with this kit and/or how DSC markets such a kit.

From what I have read on this forum and at other sites, I suspect

the kit is out of production by as long as a year or two. I see the current kits are something like the 632 or 832 or Kit-120.

I have subsequently purchased a chunk of additional DSC and compatible components and sensors and I do not want to go to the hassle and expense to have the QP6 kit and all the additional items installed and then find out the components are no longer supported by DSC or my dealer. (Note that I do realize this kind of crap happens and seems to happen fairly regularly with DSC.)

Any informative feedback, especially the detailed listing of the kit contents would be appreciated.


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Understand that you are posting to usenet, which is carried over many many servers and accessed in a variety of different ways. I, for example, use Outlook Express as my newsreader. Many people use google, still others use different web-based clients for access. If you don't like the way one particular newsreader is formatted, try another.

Other than that, I hope you find comp.home.automation to be informative and helpful. I sure have! (sorry, I am unfamiliar with the products about which you are inquiring.)

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E. Lee Dickinson

The QP6 consists of a

1555MX Panel (which is another name for the Power 632) RF5501 Keypad/receiver 16volt 40 va transformer 12 volt 4 amp battery RJ31X jack & cord 2 x WLS925 door/window transmitters 1 x WLS904 wireless motion sensor 1 x 15 watt interior siren

All the wireless components are 433 and are compatible with all the current DSC 433 equipment.

There is no need to change to another kit, the 120 that you mentioned is the same 1555 panel, the same keypad/receiver, same battery/transformer/siren but it doesn't have the WLS925 transmitters or the wireless motion, instead it has a hardwired Bravo motion sensor.

The "kind of crap" you talk about doesn't happen fairly regularly with DSC, they changed from 900mHz to 433mHz several years ago, that's all.


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The introduction of poorly designed, improperly threaded newsreader client software (such as the monstrosity aol foisted on usenet) has not been helpful.

If you had an ISP other than aol, you would probably have 'free' usenet access through something other than

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which is what you used. (See above capture of your message header.)

Most/many ISPs provide usenet Network News Network Protocol (NNTP) access

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There are chat rooms, user groups, and forums other than usenet in which the posting format is controlled by the "owner", but usenet is not one of these private entities.

The comp.* hierarchy is one of the "Big Seven" newsgroup hierarchies

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and comp.home.automation (aka cha and c.h.a. ) is not 'moderated' so there is no "owner". In any case, formatting is defined by your newsreader client among other things. See my other response to your post for suggestions in this regard.

Usenet began ca. 1979 so is a newcomer to usenet although in Microsoft style, it swallowed up which itself became an indispensable part of usenet by providing a much-needed repository ("archive" ) for usenet.

The Multics Continuum created by earth scientists in the US that I used in the late 1970's antedates usenet.

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"Forum" was a bulletin board system derived from "Continuum" that was developed in the early 1980's. It was reportedly renamed to "Forum" because the abbreviation for Continuum is an obscene word in French.('Nuff said ;-)

Point is that usenet is the predecessor of many of the other user groups that you may be familiar with but has a different structure and 'governance'. It is public, not private; self-policing, not "administered": and 'free', not intrinsically commercial.

... Marc Marc_F_Hult

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It was not threaded and not nearly as powerful as usenet wrt structure.

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See corrections noted with ^^^^^.

Marc Marc_F_hult

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There are usually "option" or "preference" settings that allow you to modify the line length. Are you using the Google on-line posting editor? If so, a better way to do things is to compose a message in program like Word or Notepad and when completed, cut and paste the result into the Google (or other) editor.

Creating the message in a local editor such as Word or Notepad gets around this perennial problem of web-based message editors. I've lost a number of lengthy posts in Yahoo's editor in just the manner you describe. It's not "dumb users" as much as it is poor software that lets you lose so much typing so easily.

Isn't that a question better asked in I believe the DSC is a security panel. I can't help but feel there's something fishy whenever I see a newbie posting a question here in CHA for the very first time and it just happens to be an alarm question.

-- Bobby G.

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