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Like crayons, for example? :^)

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Robert L Bass

On Apr 3, 12:25?am, Steve wrote:

Nah ...... we're not rough.

Here's an example of "rough"

The fact is, ...........this is NOT a DIY group. It is a group set up for the use of alarm contractors to talk about business matters. Contrary to Steve Ryckman's (the founder of this group) intentions, and the group FAQ, Bass, promotes his website and exploits this group and the trade experience of it's participants, for the sole purpose of making a profit here. If he were to simply state in his sig line that he had an on line store and perhaps occasionally refer someone to his site, that would be acceptable. However, he continuously lies about himself as still being in the installation business. He's stolen information from people here and from other sources and doesn't give credit or lies as if it is of his origin. He constantly berates installing companies, encompassing all, into his deriding remarks. His conduct and attitude is demeaning towards any who object to what he does here ............. and he simply refuses to stop. Therefore, the choices for those who choose to be here ...... are ........ let him do his dirty deeds and stay silent while he insults individuals ( calling installers idiots, monkeys, stupid .......... and installation companies (frauds, thieves, swindlers). Or,................. object to his unacceptable conduct. Many would say that this mess exists simply because of something that has escalated to this point. What isn't so apparent, is that in past newsgroups, Bass has been forcibly removed by consensus of the entire list of participants, for doing the same exact thing that he does here in this group. He lied, stole information, went real life to get people who opposed him in trouble with their employers and told lies to people about his detractors. It's all documented in Google. Every thing that he does here in ASA, he's done in other groups. So it's not just simply an isolated "circumstance", as someone like yourself might assume .... In fact, it's a pattern of behavior that Bass has acted out over many many years in Usenet. So this just makes what he does here ever so much more objectionable. He obviously does it intentionally! INTENTIONALLY!

The casual participant, such as yourself, has no idea of what this deranged individual methodically does here and what his nefarious past or intentions are. To you, for the brief time that you are here, you simply see a snapshot of his fraudulent persona, and think that there is no reasoning behind the actions of his detractors. He shows his best side only for the short interludes that end users come here looking for information. He depends upon their short stay to appear to be the benevolent provider of anything that they need, so as to entice them to buy from him. When those that have been the brunt of his insidious "Mr Hyde" persona object and berate him for what he's done to this group, the short timers think the worst of the detractors and cant understand why someone who is so helpful, should be "attacked" in such a fashion.

Now, to support all of this .........along with all of his reprehensible conduct in Usenet.........there's the story behind the story. After all of his ongoing criticisms of individuals who oppose his conduct here, there lies the amazing tale of his personal life that has been exposed.

If you add to all of the above, what has been revealed ( and he has confirmed) about the abnormal behavior that represents his personal life, you get the picture of a truly demented individual who's purposeful and obvious intent, is to cause chaos and disruption where ever he goes and no concern for others. How many people do you know who are responsible for the death of someone through negligence? How many people do you know who are a convicted felon for pulling a gun on someone? Just those two items alone, makes it obvious to any normal person, that you're not dealing with someone who has the faculties or character to make socially acceptable decisions. Now put this all together and tell me if you think someone like this should even be allowed to be involved in the "security industry" much less be accepted, with out objection to this group ............... or ....in fact by anyone, in general? He's a downright social misfit.

Once knowing all of this, it's got to be quite clear that what exists here, is happening because this is what Bass instigates and what he chooses to happen, by his intentional refusal and inability to get along with others. The people who object to his conduct are individuals who just downright refuse to let him usurp this group with his proven deranged conduct, without any objection. As it turns out, it gets down to ............ if, by his conduct, he can disrupt this group, then what's to stop anyone else from doing the same damn thing as he does? So far, he hasn't caused anyone to go real life with him, but I feel that someday, it's possible that he's going to do something to the "wrong" person and they'll take him up on his provocations. In the mean time, we who believe strongly that what Bass does here is wrong, will continue to object to his conduct. And those that object to his behavior ( mostly all here *do* object) but choose to sit silently by the wayside, will continue to enable him, even though they know that if he were to be continuously discredited by the entire group, with the people he solicits to buy products here, it would defeat his sole purpose for being here. But ........... even though they know he could be ousted, they choose to do nothing and thereby enable him ........... and therefore the group will remain in chaos. That's their call.

So be it. Bass is wrong in what he does here and his past history in Usenet and in his personal life, attest to his continued pattern of disruption of other peoples lives ........... no matter where he is. In this medium of Usenet he can get away with things that he wouldn't dare do in real life. Therefore, here, he will always find resistance and objection to his conduct and there will be chaos. He's obviously quite aware of what he does. Just like a dog that knows it's going to be whipped if it barks. It still barks because whipping is the only attention it can get and it's better than none at all. It's obviously his goal to be the outstanding individual. With a personal background such as his, it is manifest that he can't have any self esteem so he gets his attention by being the cause disruption. This is bolstered by his documented history, that indicates that he is compelled to always create a scene, good or bad, where he is the center of attention,

The above is only a small portion of the entire chronicle that could be written about this deranged individual and his outlandish conduct and history. And unfortunately, because of his ill treatment of people here, for a very long time, the people that come here for advice are of secondary importance to discrediting him. If there's ever anything that I can do to stop Bass from getting one penny in profit from his unacceptable behavior here, I will do it. Any altruism that anyone would feel by the help I, or anyone else would be inclined to give someone who comes here, is totally negated by the fact that Bass will benefit from it, by being able to capitalize on the information given freely and thereby make a profit at the expense of what others give away graciously.

I have nothing to gain or lose here. I'm not here to make a profit and I was smart enough to keep my identity anonymous, so Bass can't go real life with me as he has stated that he actually likes to do with people, who object to his conduct. I will disrupt this group whenever I can, in anyway that I can, as long as Bass does what he does to disrupt this group. If his conduct is disrupting the group, and there are people who wont object to it, then what difference does my conduct make? They can't rightly object to my conduct without objecting to what Bass does. Why should only one person have the prerogative to do whatever they damn well please? If one disrupts the group intentionally, then others can do the same. The group will be none the worse and it provides a continuous example to the "do nothings" that what they do enables Bass as well as anyone else who chooses to cause chaos. Again, their call.

For what he does to this potentially great gathering of people and this group, he's a scumbag and rotten son of a bitch and deserves anything bad that could happen to him. His conduct in his personal life and in Usenet depicts his unconcern about others. Unfortunately for him, that attitude of unconcern has trickled over to his personal well being. He's recently experienced a heart problem, likely due to his inability to control his eating habits as he is also unable to control his life. After his insults to one of the participants in this Newsgroup ( one of his on-line competitors, by the way) about his overweight problem, it was discovered that Bass himself is an obese, fat slob. This after him telling us that he had lost weight, was exercising and bike riding for health reasons. Just another example of his propensity to deceive people. It is sincerely hoped that this heart problem will also be his demise. It can't happen too soon. He's burned his bridges and it would be only just to see the bridge in front of him come crashing down, just as he was crossing. Which, by the way will happen shortly when his cancer finally catches up with him, which won't be long now.

There are nice people in this world and not so nice people. Bass doesn't even come close to being included in the category of .............. people. By his history and his example, it's evident that he's a grotesque and repulsive facade of a human being, seething with hatred for himself and everyone around him. He deserves to be treated with no more consideration than piece of shit.and should be the object of hatred by the hundred or so people that he has insulted, mocked, humiliated, ridiculed and lied about in Usenet. He should get back all that he gives here in ASA, twofold .......... and he will.

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Clancy Wiggum

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