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Does anyone use Amcest as a monitor company? Would you recommend them?

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I just checked their web site,

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and they really look down on DIY installs. They say a typical DIY thinks a security system is two doors and a PIR. Sounds like they think a DIY job is like what ADT wanted to install in my home, except ADT would have also protected one window out of

10 and given me two motions for $800. They also say that DIY installs are plagued by false alarms. The sky is falling, sign up with amcest today.


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I spoke to the owner a while back. He said he had no problem with DIY at the time, as long as the dealer's contract provided him with the usual exculpatory and limitation of liability clauses. I suspect he'll want to deal with the dealer who sells the DIY equipment rather than directly with the DIY client.

He also has the lowest price (for dealers) that I know of anywhere in the US. Dealers pay as low as $2 per account per month. I don't know of any bad reports (or good ones) concerning Amcest. They've been around for a long time for whatever that's worth.

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Robert L. Bass

Never heard of 'em. Sounds "French" though... :-))

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Frank Olson

I'm sure you must be thinking of Incest

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