Linksys Wireless Network Monitor

Hi, does anyone knows how to disable the linksys wireless network

monitor. This is because every time after I switch it to the XP

Wireless Zero Configuration, the linksys monitor will automatically

activate itself after reboot. I have tried removing the monitor via

msconfig from both the services and startup tab but to no avail.

Also, I have another problem whereby I keep losing connection (mostly

having problem connecting when my computer starts up) whenever I use

the linksys wireless network monitor. The monitor (link information)

shows that I cannot connect to the USB adapter. However the site survey

screen shows my network as well as other networks in the area. This is

why I prefer to use the XP one. I am using a Alcatel Speedtouch

570/570i router and a Linksys Wireless G USB Network adapter
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idiots18 wrote in news:idiots18.1k3dbm@WiFi-Forum_dot_com:

Uninstall the network monitor program off of the machine to stop it from doing anything. You can use Device Manager to install the driver for the card and configure the card too.

You want to show signal strength the on the NIC Properties screen enable "Show network connection" and the icon will be in the job trey next to the clock and you mouse over the icon and it will show signal strength.

You don't want to see other networks in your area, then disable the Wireless Zero Configuration Service on XP and you won't see them and the machine will not try to connect to another network.

Duane :)

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