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Can anyone recommend a freeware / open source SNMP program to monitor device availabilities on Cisco switches and routers? I'm looking for something very basic to monitor approximately 50 devices.

We are currently using MRTG to monitor bandwidth across router interfaces.

Surely there must be a similar open source app for monitoring device availabilities that can email alerts?

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I would use nagios to do the trick. I'm not sure if there is an snmp check that comes with it, but it doesn't take much to write a check that will poll a device over snmp.


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MRTG can send emails ( using external scripts ).

Go to MRTG reference documentation, look at something that begins like "Thresh*"

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I would recommend nmis. It is very customizble from an alerting perspective and can gather a large number of statistics on polled devices.

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He ask for something "very basic" ...

I would use Cacti on Linux. It will do the same job as MRTG with an easy configuration of new device and you can found some "plug-in" to get some alert by mail if I remenber.

I have install the old distribution SENTINIX to do this in my office.(and I have upgrade the cacti stuff to last version) (I monitor 50 devices, Router, Switch, Server, Batteries)


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