Ademco Wireless Keypads

I have a customer who requires either MAJOR work to do an install or wireless keypads. I noticed Ademco has a full feature LCD wireless keypad that runs on standard cells. What kind of battery life do these get with daily use?

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Bob La Londe
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I can't imagine that it would have much of a battery life.

If it shuts down when not in use, how does the system know it's still there ? I can only think that it wakes up occasionally to send a supervisory sign al (using the battery)...... or worse .... the panel doesn't know if it's there or not ... it just responds when the keypad is used. I doubt if you'd get all the info on it if you called them. They'd likely t ell you every thing it COULD do but now what it couldn't do. That would be up to you to find our and get annoyed about.

"Why didn't you TELL me that it takes thirty seconds to respond to a key pr ess?"

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Rather than go to extremes to wire it, maybe you could get them to use their IPhone/Ipod/IPad with a virtual keypad. A wall mounted Ipod might be less expensive than doing the wiring.

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