I have had my Ademco system in my house for 8 years and have had no problem. I was noticeing the other day that the key pad is getting more difficult to turn off and on the alarm. I am looking to replace it. I looked at the back and see that there are 4 colored connection wire. I am looking for a place to buy a new keypad. Does anyone have a reconmendation. Thank you

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You can buy some more time by changing your keypad code to something else...they contacts/keys wear out after a while.

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Crash Gordon

Power down the system both AC and DC. Remove and Disconnect the Keypad for the wall and wire respectively. Make special note of colored wires and terminals unless it has a plug in connector.

Disassemble keypad to expose the front of the circuit board.

Use a pencil eraser to clean and polish the fingered traced that would be behind the keys.

Remove the flexible matrix of the keys and clean in soapy water then rinse and dry thoroughly.

Re-assemble keypad making sure everything is in the proper place. Remember how you took it apart.

Reconnect the cable.

Mount on wall

Take a deep breath and Power up system with AC first and then battery while hoping you did everything correctly.

The above should fix the problem. Other wise you could call a local alarm dealer and put some food on his table. Your choice.

Good Luck.


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Actually, I usually recommend a Q-Tip and some 99% isopropryl alcholol.

I would also state to use caution when prising any of the plastic tabs apart to get out the circuit board. Otherwise, Les is right on. This is what's known as the "cheap fix". :-)

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