Need instalation manual for Ademco 330 home alarme system + Ademco 612 phone dialer.

You're gonna muck with a panel and tape dialer that have to be almost 30 years old? What are you gonna do with a tape dialer...assuming you can get a 30 year old tape loop to work?

I may have manuals for them somewhere.

btw....would not wood

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Crash Gordon
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Have system in the House need to wire it\\and make it work . Wood like to have instalation manual for Ademco 330 home alarme system + Ademco 612 phone dialer. marcrang

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Check with the Smithsonian. Please tell me you're not in Western Mass....

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If nothing is actually "burned out" you likely can get the 330 operating again, just by cleaning the relay contacts.

As far as the 612 dialer, don't even try. At best, they didn't work right half the time when they were new. And once they did work, they wouldn't shut off. Tape dialers were known to place hundreds of telephone calls over a weekend. Much to the dismay of the police department and also to the homeowner, who had to pay the telephone bill. Also, you're likely never going to find a way to program the tape. It's a "self recessing" tape, just like the old 8 track audio tape cartridges. You'd need the programer because you'd have to duplicate the tape speed of the 612, which wasn't a "standard" speed. Also, most police departments and central stations wont accept calls from a tape dialer .... in this day and age.... even if you did get it programed.

Unless you're doing this for the challenge and you've not really interested in a reliable and viable security system, I'd strongly suggest that you DON'T put any effort into trying to revive either piece of equipment. Likely it will be a constant source of failures and maintinence requirments, making it toaly unreliable and thus not dependable ...... followed by you, not using the system. Certainly not something you'd want from a device that would be protecting your valuables and perhaps your life.

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