6150RF keypad

Can anyone give me a definitive answer on the 6150RF keypad.

Can it support 16 wireless zones and 8 keyfobs simultaneously or will the keyfobs take away from the number of wireless zones available on the keypad receiver . I know that the keyfobs wont reduce the number of zones available from the panel (Vista20P) but the specifications of the keypad seem a little ambiguous to me, or perhaps its just me being dense.

Also I believe the ADT version of the 6150RF can handle up to 64 wireless zones, does anyone know if the same holds true for the Protection One version?



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The 6150 is a high receiver and 5150RF a medium receiver. not sure about 6150RF but 5150 can do fobs independent from panel to give extra zones

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6150RF but 5150 can do fobs independent from panel to give extra zones

You mean the 6160 is a high receiver, the 6150RF is medium 16 zone receiver. if you add keyfobs they do not take up a zone but you can't delete them in panel programming either

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The 6150RF handles 16 zones + 8 keyfobs which do not take up a zone

The ADT version doesn't show how many zones it supports, I would assume it's the same as the standard 6150RF

the P1 version shows to be 16 zones + 8 keyfobs

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16 zones + 8 keyfobs. But I would not recommend doing it that way. It is a pain in ass to program, and the Compass software is useless in programming the keyfobs. It cannot see them at all.

Do not use the 6160RF...it is pure trash. It has a high failure rate.

I would instead use a ENH receiver. This will allow you to add the keyfobs past the maximum zones of the Vista 20P, and allows you to program them all through Compass or a 6160 keypad. You do however have to assign a user code for each keyfob. So even if you on have a couple of codes, you have to have a minimum of 8 codes to get the all the keyfobs to work using the ENH receiver.

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Jim Rojas

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