Ademco/DSC/Rokonet Wisdom/GE Simon XT/Powermax Pro - GSM-modules?

I don't understand this. Are the GSM modules for these brands only communicating to a central service or are they capable of calling my private cell phone (voice or text messages) using my own SIM card?:

Ademco Vista20P Do the have any GSM module at all? I can't find any.

DSC have a module called GS3055 (or GS3060)

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Rokonet Wisdom
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GE Simon XT
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Visonic Powermax Pro (I think this can. Am I right?)
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That is, I would like to receive a text message or a recorded voice call telling me if the alarm has been triggered. And even better if the zone number could be specified. In addition it would be nice to be able to disable a spesific zone using my cell phone or at least silence the sirene. Is this possible using either DSC 1864, Ademco Vista20P, GE Simon XT, Powermax Pro or Rokonet Wisdom?

As I indicated I do think the Powermax Pro is capable to communicate to a private cell phone, but I must say I think the Simon XT looks a bit more "state-of-the-art". Unfortunately none of them is able to define multple partitions (am I right?).

So what I am looking for is a system that has

- more than 30 zones (wireless or hybrid)

- Multiple arm modes (Away, Home, Night, Off or something like that)

- Text message or dial tone communication for alarm configuration

- Separate keypad

- Keyfobs (at least 4)

- jamming protection

- superviced detectores

If not, any suggestions?

________ HL

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all above gsm are dedicated however you could use uplink gsm anynet and there is an option to send email to your phone which i use which works very well

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nick markowitz on the XT will through the servers, Vista uses a 7845GSM which can communicate through AlarmNet sending text messages with Total Connect

Neither company caters to the individual user

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Mark Leuck

How about this.

Have your alarm monitored by a central station.

Program alarm to communicate via CID.

Set up you account with central station to call your cell phone. Then they can tee you exactly what point/partition went off. They probably could send you an email or text message your phone, too.

Just a thought.


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Not sure about the others but I do know the Rokonet Wisdom can communicate directly to your phone for local monitoring applications. You will need the universal version.

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This communicator could effectively be connected to any alarm system with the requirements of your choice.

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Paul Ekins

You mentioned multiple partitions. with a GE Concord would do that well. And, just added two-way voice to their offering so you can actually establish a two-way voice connection over the GSM connection.


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