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I am a diy alarm installer and have a vista 20p and a 6150rf in the system. Is there a difference between different 6150rf keypads relative to the capacity of wireless transmitters. I see some of them say they have the capacity for 16 transmitters and others that talk about 8. Is there a way of telling the capacity visually?

Thanks Larry

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There are three levels of 5881 RF Receivers.

The 'L' which has 8 zone capacity

The 'M' which has 16 zone capacity

The 'H' whose capacity is determined by the limit of the panel used.

RF Keypads incorporate the 'M' receiver (16 zones) along with a built in transmitter which means you could use a BDV type remote without installing a separate 5800TM which you would need if you used one of the stand alone receivers.

One important note, if you want to use a wireless keypad (which I would discourage as their performance has been disappointing in my experience) neither of these items/combinations work and you will need a 5883 receiver/transmitter.

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Thanks for the help Joe, I have read of several people not experiencing good things with the wireless keypad so I decided to stay away from it. 16 zones should be plenty for my needs.


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