Can someone tell me what the going pay rate for a Nortel certified level 1 tech is? Job duties are adds, moves, changes, installs, etc. This includes voice mail support as well.



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The range is really wide. Level 1 might mean something different to others and a Manhatten tech is gonna get almost twice as much as a Kansas tech.

I've recently ended my telecomsalary.com survey, but I made all the files free for the taking.

formatting link
This is a zip of all the files
formatting link
Notice the file size and if you have a knack for statistics, pick the largest Excel files for your study, but certainly the html files I made are goods summaries..

What I have found over the years - to get more money, you move to another job. If you move, the game is "they'll pay you 10 to 15% more than you make today if you are the best they have seen" If you stay put, you'll get 3 to 5% a year average

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I can attest to the staying put numbers. 3% is the norm, 5% is by far the exception. What you MUST do if you intend to survive in telecom is learn the VOIP stuff and accept the fact that the new GUI programming interfaces and complete absence of a legacy wiring closet and MDF will have customer admins and clerks doing your heretofore "protected" MAC work. Grow up, learn the new skills and move on. I will be 60 this year and picked up my VOIP skills 2 years ago. Any old dog can learn new tricks, you just have to want to learn.

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