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I have a group of 4 users that need to share a common MCR key. Each person has a 2616 with keys 00 and 01 programmed SCR internal extensions. I have programmed key 10 as the MCR but I cannot figure out how to roll the call to VM if all of the MCR keys are in use. Can anyone help?

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Here's a list:

Only one phone will control or be the MARP or "Multiple Apearance Prime Redirection" TN....The TN with primary control over HUNT and FDN.

Set the HUNT to VM's extension.

Go to KEY 10 and retype the MCR DN. In response to "MARP", respond with "YES"

Now, at an idle time, have two other phones you can use. Call the MCR DN from one, then while it is riniging, run to the other phone and cal the MCR DN. If the second phone is sent to voice mail, you are done.

If it does not HUNT, the next step you probably would need anyway is will fix it. "Do you need the MCR DN to go to VM after X number of rings?" If so, set the FDN value to VM's DN, and then set the LHK value to 10. Even though LHK sounds like "HUNT" related, it affects the FDN as well.

Now back to our test from two phones to see if it HUNTed. It probably did and now you question "nobody was on the MCR and yet it HUNTed because during the ringing, all MCRs become active, and hence "busy" until someone answers.. An example of Nortel briliance and very few people realizing it could work so stupid. The solution is to use the MCR key as a super suplement to SCRs. Ex: 2 SCR and 1 MCR in a series can handle twice the number of calls as 3 SCRs would....well, you know...the math depends on the number of sets, etc.

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Does the switch alert you with the message "MARP DISABLED" when you enter LD


If so go to LD 17 REQ: CHG TYPE: CFG toggle to PARM toggle to MARP and type ON (or is it YES) toggle until REQ: END

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True, that is how to turn it on. However, doing so could change the HUNT and FDN patterns of nearly every phone - all at once. The logic before MARP was, well, different. "Lowest TN, last TN changed..." geez it was odd.

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LHK also must be set to KEY 10

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LHK will not traverse non-Line Key apearences. For example if you have key 0 SCR xxxx key 1 SCR XXXX key 2 TRN Key 3 MCR XXXX even though you set the LHK for key 3 the hunt sequence will stop at key 1 because the transfer key on key 2 breaks the hunt sequence.

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