PPX info 101

Our phone guy left a few months ago so I've been trying to do what I

can. We have MAT the front in GUI that lets me do some things and I

know some simple LD commands but not much at all. I have all the

Nortel books and were running a 61C. But the books are just a bit to

big to dig thru since I don't know where to even start.

I'm looking for some basic command directions. How to add delete move.

How to get reports on what TNs and DNs are in use. etc.

I'm looking for more stuff like this I found on Google.

formatting link

I'd also like to have some good book recommendations? I don't have the

time to go away for training but if I could have some to read and

reference it would help a bunch.

Any help you can throw my way would be great.


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Great link, thanks for sharing!

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Michael Andrews

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