why so few CCIE Voice certs?

Question why is there so few ccie voice's out there. Sure CCIE R/S is the most popular but still theres not even over 200 out there? It cannot be just that hard, anyone got any ideas?

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It is really f****ng hard.

And the most braindumped.

There are R/S mills out there cranking out CCIEs.

It is THAT hard.

Let's look quickly at the scope of the CCIE R/S:

  1. Routing
  2. Switching

Let's look at the scope of the CCIE Voice:

CallManager Cisco Unity CallManager Express Unity Express Cisco 7900 series phones Wireless Unified Messaging CDRs IPCC IVR CRA Voice Gateways H.323 Oh, and yeah, BTW, Routing and Switching.

Hell, I am shocked that 156 people got the bloody thing (no, I haven't attempted it)...

Jonathan CCVP, CCNP, CCDP, et al, ad infinitum.

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I took the lab once and failed it, during the time I was studying for it again, I got into VoIP, and haven't looked back.

I am currently working on the CCIE Voice... and it the scope of material is much higher than R/S was.


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Until you get your CCIE, you can stop dumping on it. The RS covers a lot of material. If it so easy why dont you just go do it? I thought so......

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