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I have 2 offices both with a nortel bcm 1000's in them. They are connected with a point to point T1 and also a 33.6 modem. Everthing works ok. The remote office had some trouble connecting to some web sites and also they say there computers are slow... The problem turned out to be the MTU setting. I had to lower each computers MTU down to

470. Which tells me the computer network is connecting with the 33.6 modem??? Is that the way these nortels are supposed to be connected? Is the T1 only for voice? I know voice takes alot of bandwidth, but i'm kinda disapointed that the network is using the modem... Is my assumption correct? Or is there another way to hook these up to improve network speed?

Thanks, Tim

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If you're using the internal WAN card on the BCM, change the MTU on the WAN card from 1500 to 1600 - that will solve the issues. Most likely you're having problems with "high graphics" sites like, but not with low graphics sites like Yahoo.

Anyway, the MTU change will work provided you are using the internal WAN card - if you're using an external router then it won't make any difference. That MTU change will require a reboot of the BCM.

Good luck.

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Man this could get complicated in a hurry. First, is the T1 connected to the digital trunk module or is it connected to a router card in the BCM? If it is the former, then you might want to look at an integrated line (some DS0s for voice and the rest for data). This is not something you are going to get explained over a message group though. The BCM

1000s can use IP or TDM between them but you really have to describe the environment much more completely and tell us what you are trying to achieve. Good Luck Jim
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