New CallPilot Application Builder Hicup

Ok, I got a weird one.

FYI... We just put in a new CallPilot 4.0, we migrated off of MerMail We implemented a web server for management and Call Reporter as well. Everything has been invited to our Domain.

When I open App Builder and sign on as the default admin account (000000) everything connects good. I can open App's and make changes. The problem I'm running into is when I try and listen to the voice recordings assosiated with the Menu's. I select the Voice1 from the Menu Choice's Greetings and press edit. Then Record . Once the player opens I hit play, it should call that at that point however it just sits there. Nothing. No errors at all.

If thats not weird enough, here is the kicker. My mailbox is configured as an Admin mailbox as well. When I log into App builder with my credentials it works just fine. I'm doing this all from my laptop that is on the same VLAN as the CallPilot server.

So, I'm not dead in the water but I would sure feel better if the Admin account worked.....


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We had similar problems with our voice prompts, we were given a patch bundle that rectified that, we also had probs with our 000000 admin account post patching - it became disabled. Lucky we had created a failsafe duplicate account in case of such an event. However of our 4 CP4 sites, only one displayed this behaviour..... Good Luck!

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Try this: In your Call Pilot Manager (via web browser) click the "Messaging" drop down menu. Within this is the "Restriction Permission Lists" Click this. There will be a few options here, you only need to deal with the "Local" & "On Switch" ones. Within each is a restriction and permission lists. You need to remove the first digit of the DN you are dialling from the restriction list and then add it to the permission list. Hope this helps!

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