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After doing our monthly backup and reboot of our CallPilot 150, the feature codes it assigned seemed to be messed up. I used Feature

**XFTEST and checked the feature codes, and they showed inactive. I deleted F980 - F989 and rebooted the CallPilot again. Now, Feature 981 says 'Not Supported'. If I reboot the CallPilot after that, Feature 981 says "Inactive". Everything else seems to work fine. We can still reach voicemail by calling the voicemail DN, and we can reach the web interface. The event log report lists this about 10 times during the bootup:

2006/07/08 14:55:22 PortMan: A feature code could not be registered rc=21(0x15)

Any ideas on what we can do to get it to register its feature codes with the Norstar? Thanks.

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I think your on the right track.

I would do the **XFTEST again with the CallPilot powered down. This time remove all the feature codes. F904 to F909 and F980 to F989. Then power the CallPilot backup.

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Thanks for the response. I didn't think about the Call Center codes. At the time, I couldn't delete those, as we are using the Cinphony ACD as well. We ended up deleting every feature code that tested as inactive in XFTEST, then rebooted callpilot. After that, everything seemed to come back fine. I think during our next maintenance period, we will turn both the callpilot and the acd off and delete every 9** that shows up inactve. Thanks again for your help.

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