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I recently had a Kantech system installed. I am playing around with the sma rtlink task builder which does not have much in terms of documentation.

Is there any way to add logic (IF ELSE) in programming?

I have a door that is normally unlocked by schedule, however we have it pro grammed to lock for certain events.

I have another event that needs for the door to be unlocked. If it is locke d for a certain event, it is temporary unlocked and then automatically relo cks. However if it is unlocked by schedule, a temporary unlock will relock the door and not return to schedule.

So I kind of need: If door state locked, temporary unlock otherwise leave it alone.

Any ideas on how to implement this?

Also how does adding a delay work, if I have three tasks in the task builde r: ~w"1200" $=COMMAND=UNLOCKDOOR,DOORID=1$ $=COMMAND=UNLOCKDOOR,DOORID=2$ $=COMMAND=UNLOCKDOOR,DOORID=3$

I put a delay as the first item, however it seems to kick off all tasks at the same time. Does it execute sequentially? Do I need to add the delay to each task is this valid?


Thanks in advance John Muller

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