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Hi all...I have a question on CallPilot App Builder. We have a variety of CallPilot's in our network with various releases (2 - 5). I was under the impression that newer versions of App Builder (Release

4 or 5) were backward compatible but when I try to connect to a Release 2 (2.02.27) CallPilot, I get a message stating that my verison of App Builder (either Releasse 4 or 5) is not compatible with CallPilot 02.01.27. Anybody seen this before?
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G'day Oysterboy, Nah mate, definately not backward compatible. We've even had to upgrade App Builder when we installed some PEPs to CP4. The thing that sucks - We have 2 pretty much identicle systems: Opt 81Cs running CP4 with Symposium 5. We patched CP4 and at one site App Builder continued to work fine, but at the other site we had strange errors. We contacted Nortel and were advised to update our version of App Builder. Queer huh?

Cheers, Glenn.

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