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Hello Everyone,

Installed Call Pilot''s Application Builder for CP 3.0 on my desktop. Selected LAN to connect to server and when I put in my server name "callpilot" it resolved the IP prior to login.

When I launch app builder from my desktop I get "Could not connect to AOS server".

If I go to the CP web client, click tools, click Application Builder, I get "Server not available.Please check connection".

I am able to connect to the CP server from my desktop using remote desktops, and nothing is being dropped on the firewalls, so that rules out any network issues.

Is anyone familiar with the error messages above? All I want to to is upload a .wav file to play as an announcement in a symposium script, is there a way to do it without app builder?

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You need to load the latest version of AppBuilder -- perhaps you've had PEP's installed? You need the 4.04.004 version or later. It's backwards compatible to 2.02.

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