Meridian Norstar

I am installing a meridian norstar System Ver SP: 30nAH03 DR5

I am wanting to set up the Zones for paging as i don't want one of the phones to be included.

I do not have any instructions for this unit, so I am getting the information from the internet. The instructions that I have found to set up zones is to go to Capabilities in the General Admin menu, but it is not there.

Does any one know how to set zones for this unit.

Also does anyone have a feature list for this version, as I seem to be getting conflicting information on the web.


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Norstar Integrated Communications System


Blocking the Paging from being broadcasted through your Norstar phone To enter a programming session, follow the next few simple steps:

1) Press FEATURE * * 2 6 6 3 4 4

2) Enter Password: 2 6 6 3 4 4

Display will read: " Terminals & Sets"

Using the navigation keys, as displayed below, follow the next simple steps:

3) Press: SHOW

Display will read: "Show Set: _ _" (Example: 221)

Enter the extension number that you want to change

4) Press: SHOW

Display will read: "221:Operator"

5) Press: SHOW

Display will read: "Line Access"

7) Press: NEXT

Display will read: "Capabilities"

8) Press: SHOW

Display will read: "Fwd no Answer"

9) Press: NEXT until the display reads: "Page Zone: 1"

10) Press the CHANGE softkey until the display reads: "Page Zone: None"

11) Press: NEXT

12) Press: RLS

Congratulations! You have successfully removed your phone from all Paging Groups!

Rob wrote:

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John thanks for the reply.

The menu isn't there, so I have spent the last our typing out the menu. which was a good exercise as I did manage to find how to do it in the permission menu. although most of the items are self explanatory but some I am not quite sure on. Also after looking at the manuals on the internet I have found that the service mode should have a auto option, and after that you should be able to set the times, to & from. but I don't have the auto option. I would really like to know what the settings are and what they do.


A: Configuration

B. General admin

C. Extn Copy

D. System Version

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Also you can download Norstar manuals at the Nortel Portal.

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Not officially nortel but there is a lot of great info for anyone working on Nortel Stuff.

Good Luck

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