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I recently acquired 4 new-in-box M5209s, with the hopes of connecting them to my existing Compact ICS system. It appears that they do not work.I have also tried plugging them in to the analog fax line through the included power adapter, but again, no luck. Is there a way to make them work?

Also, what models of phone _will_ work on my system? The system came with some T7308s, but I would like to shop for whatever will work with the CICS, ie, the phones don't have to match.

Regards, Gavin.

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M5209 is a DMS telephone this will not work on a Norstar.

M= Meridian used for Centrex or DMS; SL -1; Norstar; and others

5= Series of phone 5 is for Centrex sets; 7 is for Norstar sets;6 is for SL -1. 2= Lines of display 09= Number of buttons on the set.
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Robert LeBlanc

Well then, not sure if it is apropos to follow a request for help with a sales pitch, but then again, it's usenet. ;)

Does anyone want to buy 3 M5209s and 1 M5112-03? The phones have been used in the past, (I assume,) but they are spotless, with keycaps still in sealed baggies, shrinkwrapped manuals, power supplies, even in the original boxes. The only indication that these are not brand-spanking new, is that I noticed some yellowing on the serial-number labels. (From age, or from the Cleaning solution they used.)

I bought these under the mistaken impression that they would work on my Norstar CICS. Evidently, they wont. The set of four cost me ~$160 US, plus freight. If I get my money back, I'm happy. Worst case, make me an offer. I'd rather sell the lot of 'em, but I'd let them go one at a time too. If you're near Vancouver BC, or Seattle WA, I could even hand-deliver them.

Y'all know how to reach me. :)



Robert LeBlanc wrote:

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