Incorrect virtual ports

We have an Alteon 2208 for load balancing AJP/1.3 between Apache and Tomcat.

At times, seemingly random, connections hang inbetween. Netstat shows SYN_SENT on the web server and SYN_RECV on the application server.

Whenever this happens, in the view Switch/Monitor/Layer 4/SLB.../Stats we see "Incorrect Virtual Ports Specified" increasing constantly (about


Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks Erik

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Incorrect Vports are incremented when a packet is received on a client port (physical port) with the destIP=VirtualIP but the destPort!=VirtPort (TCP or UDP port). So, for example, if you are load balancing HTTP and the switch receives a packet to the VIP on TCP port

23, the packet is dropped and the counter is incremented.


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