Alteon 184e Forwarding Packets with incorrect Sequence Numbers

Hi, Has anyone ever seen an Alteon forward packets with an incorrect Sequence Number?

We have an Alteon setup to load balance http/soap traffic to two servers using PIP

(1) Traffic to Alteon VIP Address ->

(2) Alteon Load Balances Traffic to HTTP Servers from PIP Address ->

When we get packets from which are out of order, i.e.

First Packet is the First TCP Segment Second Packet is the Third TCP Segment Third Packet is the Second TCP Segment

the Alteon forwards the first packet correctly but the second packet which arrives with a TCP Sequence number 1756 is forwarded incorrectly with a Sequence number 296 which is infact the third packets sequence number.

This causes the HTTP/SOAP server to get a HTTP Post with the SOAP part cut in half and reversed.

It looks like a firmware bug to me, but we are using the latest version, anyone come accross this before?

Cheers Carl

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