load balancing

A) How do measure 2 wan ports to come up with a load balancing ratio?

In particular, I don't expect the upload and download ratio to be the same.

  1. port 0 ADSL from Telus 2.5mbs download, supposedly 1mbs upload and tend to be stable while
  2. port 1 cable , I think it is 4mbs download, upload don't know. could not find it in their website. I do know the speed varies quite a bit

B) how to setup the DNS so that traffic going out through one port would use the DNS associated with the ports? C) can traffic be session bound to a port or there is no need D)) exempt newsgroup traffic from balance, rather bind traffic for news.telus.net to port 0 say shawnews.shawcable.net to port 1

right now if port1 goes down, somehow pc don't see internet available through port 0.

ips dns server was added to the configuration of the 1811/k9

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