3550 Switch + Load Balancing

I have a Cisco 3550, and a $20,000 Nortel load balancer that is managed by AT&T. Recently we decided to buy the equipment and do it ourselves. I really don't want to buy the nortel if I don't need to.

The only thing we load balance is ports 80, and 443 between 2 servers.

I read an article saying that I can do load balancing on the Cisco 3550 if it has the EMI software image.

Is it possible for me to do this? Or is this a different type of load balancing.

If it is possible is there a good configuration doc out there? I've been fishing around on Google, but keep hitting the same article that doesn't describe the setup at all.


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Hi Eric,

You may wish to investigate this Cisco Link:

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Hope this helps.

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I think you should consider Cisco CSS switches. I don't think 3550 could do such type of load balancing, with EMI you have support for various routing protocols which could perform load balancing across various IP paths but this is not application aware load balancing.

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Robert Emert

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The 3550 switch is a layer 3 switch. and you wish to do layer 4 load balancing...

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Martin Kiefer

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