adding a m7310 to a small norstar system

I'm a unix sysadmin doing some work at a startup. They have a small Norstar PBX switch. The manuals don't give you a good overview of the system that ties what your doing all together. I have what I think is a good line but when I plug a m7310 into it all the little triangle arrows flash and then go out, no dial tone, nothing. I have a few questions before I even get to setting up voice mail and appreciate any help anyone can give me.

  1. When the phone flashes triangles and nothing afterwards, does this mean the line is not hooked up to the system or that the phone has some sort of memory that it is at the wrong line? I've heard that I may have to reset the phone somehow so it comes up on the line as whatever extension is suppose to be on that line. If so how do you do that?

  1. I've got the "sets" now set to the correct names of the people sitting at them via the F**266344 but I've noticed that almost all of the "lines" are labeled by the system as "Line 223" not the name of the person sitting there. Should they be set to the users name as well or left at the "Line 233" string?

  2. How do I find out what extension should be at the wall plate? Should that have been labeled at install and the only way is to trace the wires? How do I see if a wall plate is live?

Thanks, Don

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Don S
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  1. arrow flashing is normal and a unit can take up to a minute to be programmed by the system. Plug one and and go get a cup of coffee, if by the time you get back it still is flashing then somehow the system doesnt know how to program that type of phone.

  1. Not sure on this answer.. You metion the word "line". Do you mean external line? Internal numbers should be programmed with user names. External ... i have never I dont know.

  2. Depending on the system and settings the extension at the wall plate could be meaningless. As you could have set relocation turned on. On systems without "set relocation" turned on I have always just had to plug a phone in and see what i got. Once the phone is plugged in you can do a feature * 0 intercom button. This tells you the internal number and what you have programmed for the name.

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Sounds like you may have plugged the set into an analoge "line". Make sure you have plugged a set into a jack that is connected to the KSU.


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OK I've made some progress, I left a unit plugged in and after 2 sets of arrow flashing it came up on the system. That phone came up on x259 while the user sitting there should be at x242. I then found another phone and plugged it in. It came up as x249. Obviously something is stored in the phone that is telling the system what extension to come up on. How do I erase, set or reset the extension number in the phone?

I'm also still wondering about the second question as well. I have the correct names on the sets via the F**266344 menu but the lines are labeled "Line 223", "Line 224" etc. One and only one is edited to a person's name. Should I edit them all to the person's name or perhaps some other data?


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You have set relocation turned on. Which is great when users move around, they just grab ther phone and plug it back in where ever and all there settings follow the phone around. You need to turn this setting off for awhile. Its located at System Programming, Featr Setting, Set Relocation. Turn the Y to a N and then exit the programming. Then just unplug and re attach that phone, the system should reprogram that phone with the settings for that line.

As for the second question. So you have a user with an extinsion of "210" and when you dial that number from another set it should say the users name "JIM B". This user should also has a DID (direct inward dialing) number. This DID number corosponds to a line number - which is what I think you are refuring too. I like to keep these lines paired to the extension number. Example - 503-xxx-x210 is for Jim's set 210. This doenst always work as you dont aways get the right external numbers from the telephone company. Anyway, Going back to programming... This set can be programmed to any external DID line (or even several). So nameing the line isnt very helpful. I would just make sure you have good notes as to what internal number has what DID line and record each lines real DID external number. Make a excel spread sheet with Line #, Ext, Name, DID #

Thats how I do it, but I dont know nothing. ;)

Tim S

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Depends on lots of factors, like is the line one of a group of incoming lines (PSTN)? In which case you could name them ABC 1, ABC 2 ABC 3 etc. If it is indial (where everyone does have their own number, then you could program with individual names or anything that means something to you. For obvious reasons it is better to use unique names to avoid confusion. Smith A, Smith J etc would be an answer. Limit of 7 chacters.


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