Does Meridan Mail support an audible message waiting indicator

Some one suggested that there was a way to make the phone emit an intermittent audible tone in addition to the message waiting light being on, fact or myth?

I hope this is not a myth

Thanks to any one who can truly answer this question

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I think is not a myth. At the LD 56 you can configure the Flexible Tones and Cadences. There is a prompt MWAN at which you can change the cadence and the tone. In theory you can change it, but I never try it before, but I'd changed some other tones which actually worked.

MWAN 0-255 0-255, first is the table cadency and the second is the XCT tone code.

Hope this may help you, you can look further at the Administrator Manual.


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Digital sets (and IP) cannot have audible message waiting other than doing a remote notification to bug you. Analog sets if CLS = MWA LPD will have an audible message waiting indicator - a stutter dial tone. You cannot have both a lamp and stutter dial tone on the same line however.

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You can have Audible tone, but you have to pickup the handset to hear it.

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This isn't exactly making the phone emit an audible tone, but you can attach an Algo Auxbox

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to a digital set, which will allow you to trigger an external device, via a built-in relay, when the message waiting lamp is lit.

The typical scenario is to light an external visual indicator, but there is nothing to keep you from triggering an audible indicator through the relay contacts instead. You just need to find an audible indicator that can be triggered within the electrical specs of the Auxbox relays (max 30 V, 50 mA).

Since the message waiting indication is a continuous lamp, in order to get an intermittent audible indication, you will need to have an audible indicator that is intermittent, or a way to make the voltage source intermittent (like an audio control relay). This is pricey, and not exactly simple, but it will generate an audible message waiting tone.

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