AT&T and FSK?

Hopefully one of the telecom experts in this group can help me out with this problem:

I'm trying to get the FSK-compatible VoiceMail Message Waiting Indicator light on my elderly uncle's new phone to work with his AT&T telco voicemail. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get a straight answer out of AT&T as to whether they even support FSK signalling for VMWI. Actually, none of the clueless AT&T customer service people even knew what FSK was!

Does anyone happen to know from prior experience if AT&T uses FSK? Any info will be much appreciated.

(Of course, I could always set my uncle up with a separate stutter-dialtone light, but I'd prefer to use the phone's built-in FSK light - brighter, 48v-powered so no need to change batts.)

thanks, JohnB

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