Contivity boot error

I have put a new drive in a Contivity 1750 and loaded a backed up image to restore the system but I am getting a message stating the following. Do I have to do something to "sys" the drive? The restore log states that it has successfully restred the system but I can boot it up.



Performing Check Disk on [/ide0/] ... Copyright (c) 1993-1996 RST Software Industries Ltd. All rights reserved ver: 2.6 FCS

Disk Check In Progress ...

total disk space (bytes) : 2,146,631,680 bytes in each allocation unit : 32,768 total allocation units on disk : 65,510 bad allocation units : 0 available bytes on disk : 1,563,295,744 available clusters on disk : 47,708 maximum available contiguous chain (bytes) : 1,544,126,464 available space fragmentation (%) : 2 clusters allocated : 17,802 Done Checking Disk. Attempting to Load /ide0/system/bin/vxWorks... error loading file: status = 0x380003.

Error loading /ide0/: errno = 0x380003. Attaching to floppy disk device... dosFsDevInit failed on [/fd0/system/bin/flop. usrFdConfig failed.

Error loading file: errno = 0x380001. Error during dosFsDevInit[0,0]: d0006 usrIdeConfig /ide0/ failed.

Error loading /ide0/: errno = 0xd0006. Can't load boot file!!

Task tBoot Crashed in $Id: rebootLib.c 1.1 1997/09/16 13:38:51 JLawrence Safety)

[Nortel Networks Boot]:
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Loading thread data ...

=A0 =A0 =A02,146,631,680

=A0 =A0 =A0 =A00

=A0 =A0 1,563,295,744

=A0 =A0 =A0 =A017,802

do you have any resolution to this problem?

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Yes.... corrupted boot.ini

do you have any resolution to this problem?

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