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Since they appeared on the scene about fifteen years ago, call centers
have become a staple in the business world. The advances in technology
and information technology in particular, have enabled the call center
business to expand and succeed. Call centers are offices that receive
large volumes of telephone calls from customers of the companies they
represent. Call centers are manned by call center agents.
The interesting thing about call centers is that they do not need to
be in the country of the companies they provide the service to. In
some cases it is generally more cost-effective to establish call
centers in other countries. This is one reason why offshore call
center services are in such demand.
There are in fact different types of call centers, namely:
Inbound call centers: These types only take calls from customers,
hence the name. They were once the most common type of call centers.
Outbound call centers: These are generally the opposite of inbound
call centers in that call center agents makes calls to customers and
prospective clients seeking sales or lead generation.
Contact centers: With this type contact with clients is not just via
telephone, but also by live chat and email. Contact centers may also
be responsible for handling all written correspondences for a company
that is, letters and faxes.
Blended call centers: These types have features of all the others.
Blended call centers may well be the future of call centers as many
begin to offer all the services being demanded by customers.
Benefits of a Call Center:
There are many benefits to using a call center. The main benefit is an
increase profitability brought about by improving efficiency. There is
more time for staff to perform their core functions instead of
answering calls or processing applications. The fees for outsourcing
to call centers is minimal compared to paying full time staff.
There are a wide variety of services that call centers offer: These
Phone answering service
Troubleshooting/technical support services for products
Messaging services
Voice Mail ordering
Outbound Telemarketing services
Some call centers such as InSO International Call Center offer a
variety of call center services. These services take in some of those
listed above but also include :
Backend transaction processing and office services: Here we go the
extra mile while providing professional services in skip tracing,
payroll processing, application processing and researching and
analyzing data.
Outbound collections: At InSo we make calls to clients requesting
payment on your behalf or acknowledging that payment has been
Customer care: InSO customer care is more than just responding to
queries. We treat customers right so as to build loyalty =96 each
customer is treated as a valued individual.
InSo also serves a wide cross section of businesses. In fact, we
represent companies in the :
Financial services sector
Travel and hospitality industry
Health and Supplement industry
Technology industry
Telecom sector
eCommerce and Retail
Unlike some call centers, InSO makes it possible for small and medium-
sized companies to be able to afford their services. If you are still
not sure what we can do for you and at what cost, ask for a free, no
obligation quote. The benefits of leaving your call centers services
to InSO includes improved efficiency and ultimately, an increase in
InSO International Call Center proves that all call centers are not
the same. To learn more about our services and how we can help you
succeed, visit us online at
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We make reaching us easy as
you can also call us at 626-531-6080. Our email and chat support
services shows that we want to make it easy for our clients to reach
us. Take your business to the next level =96 let InSO Call Center take
you there.
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