Another Softphone Question...

This one has me stumped... has anyone heard of this problem?

We have a user with an i2050 softphone installed. Usually when he starts the softphone he gets to the point where the "display" says "Forwarding..." but it just hangs there. If you close out the program you need to manually shut down the process "i2050srv.mod" as you can't restart the softphone otherwise. After doing this a few times it eventually connects properly and experiences no other problems.

I'm beginning to think it's a conflict with something else he has installed on his computer but I can't nail it down. I spent the better part of a day with another user who has the softphone logging him in and out but never ran into the same problem. I also uninstalled and re-installed the software to no avail.


~ Mike

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Michael Andrews
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What dooes the phone log say, post it.

If the Nortel QOS was installed on the PC, that can be a problem that causes it do hang depending on what other net stuff is installed and how net options are configured.

I has this too in a testbed phone where we had installed a lot of weird netstuff and played with the Nortel QOS options. Had to manually shut down the service to restart the set, eventually it would work.

Did this user install the software themselves and perhaps install the Nortel QOS software from the CD on their own separately ?

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