cisco vpn and XP wireless

I'm having all kinds of problems getting the 4.8 release of the Cisco
vpn client to work over wireless. I have a Dell Insprion 5150 with
internal 1300 wireless card. I ran the originally installed XP Home.

VPN used to work just fine over a wireless connection (WRT54G, long
Key, use MAC address filter to allow only the laptop's wireless card
get in).

I did have the previously described problem with the Zonealarm Client
that seemed to be fixed when I upgraded from the 4.6 to the 4.8 VPN.
When Zonealarm released their updated client last week, I had a
getting it to install. Apparently that's been described, and I found
the problem (involved deleting some files marked hidden in the
directory that should not have been marked hidden), and then the new
zonealarm client installed. I think I can trace my problems to that.

The problem is that when I'm hooked to the internet wirelessly and
up the VPN client, the client starts normally, I seem to get assigned
IP address on the VPN client, but I have no connectivity. I can't
an name nor an ip address. I can't access any web pages, either on my
employer's network, nor the general internet. Once I disconnect the
client, my regular internet connectivity returns. I've tried
zonealarm, but that doesn't help. I even uninstalled zonealarm and
re-installed the vpn client, to no avail.

I got really frustrated, and bought a new hard disk and installed a
of XP pro from scratch. The same problem exists. To make things even
more complicated, I can connect via my wired connection and the VPN
client works fine, even with Zonealarm enabled. So I think the basic
configuration is correct. I've been careful to invoke the same tcpip
settings on the wired and wireless adapter settings. OUr VPN has us
insert the ip addresses of the wins server, and check "enable netbios
over tcpip' on the advanced settings.

I even went into the wireless router's config settings and entered the
MAC for the VPN adapter (yes, it has a "mac address" when I do

Finally, when I use the trace route command to see where I'm getting
blocked, it doesn't even get to the first step.

Anyway, this is getting very frustrating. Does anyone have
This is a classic case of if it ain't broke (or at least if I could
fix it by disabling zonealarm, which is hot it worked before the
updgraded firewall and vpn clients) then don't fix it.
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Mark Klebanoff
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