Using X-10 AM486 Outdoors?

I am using an AM486 appliance module to control my wife's holiday lights. The outlet into which the lights are plugged is outdoors but located in a well protected area on our covered porch.

My problem is that sometimes, the unit simply fails to respond to commands (on or off). I have found that if I unplug the AM486, bring it inside for a period of several hours, and return it to service, it seems to begin working as expected once again.

I note now that the unit is marked "for indoor use only". Is the cold or moist air here in the Pacific Northwest causing the problem? If so, any suggested "fixes"? Is there a similar unit (it need not have local control) that is better for this outdoor installation?


PS - In addition to the holiday lights, I have also plugged-in a small power brick as suggested elsewhere so that the unit will actually turn off any LED lights that are being controlled. This works just fine, it seems. But perhaps this is part of the problem? Cheers!

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I have used modules outdoors in "protected areas" many times with no problems. Right now there is one controlling my post light which is located at the street end of the driveway. The module is plugged in at the house and connected to an underground cable to the post light. Eventually, I will wire it to a module that is presently in the basement that controls another post light. But for now, this temporary fix is working. At Christmas, there were other lights plugged into the outlet at the base of the post light. I also have had 2 other outdoors modules on porches for various Christmas lights with no problems. I am in western NC where the lowest temp might get to 10 once or twice. BTW, I have even covered a module with a plastic bag where it would otherwise get wet.

Also, when I lived > I am using an AM486 appliance module to control my wife's holiday

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